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Kenworthy's Chambers are currently actively recruiting;

We are seeking a Fees Clerk to deal with all aspects of fee collections and aged debt. The successful candidate will be the main point of contact for all fee and aged debt collection and will have primary responsibilities to facilitate the smooth collection of fees for all Barrister Members. More information can be found here.


As part of our policy of controlled, strategic expansion in all practice areas, especially Commercial, Family & Employment, we welcome applications from barristers with established practices of quality and who share Chamber's core values.

  • Details of your main areas of existing practice and who instructs you in these areas
  • Names of solicitors or other referrers of work who we are able to approach in confidence to obtain reference
  • An indication of the areas where you would wish your practice to develop and how you would propose to develop your practice in those areas. We would require a short business plan from you.


Please apply in strictest confidence with cover letter and CV to our head of recruitment:

Mr. Barry Grennan
Kenworthys Chambers,
Arlington House,
Bloom Street,
M3 6AJ

For a confidential discussion, please call or email our Practice Manager Maria Rushworth.

Kenworthys Chambers is an equal opportunities employer and complies with the Bar Standards Board's equality and diversity guidelines. We will make reasonable adjustments to accommodate disabled applicants Click here.

To download a copy of our Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form Click here.


At Kenworthy's Chambers we recognise that our continued success depends upon our recruiting people of the highest calibre within a structured expansion. Our Main objective is to recruit Pupils that have the ability and the determination to succeed as a barrister at the highest level and welcome applicants from all backgrounds. We would normally look for:

(i) a good academic record: preferably 2:1 in any subject
(ii) an appetite for very hard work
(iii) good interpersonal skills
(iv) ambition
(v) determination
(vi) highlymotivated
(vii) have initiative
(viii) highest ethical and professional calibre

We normally offer up to two 12 month pupillages. The financial award for Pupillage is currently based on BSB minimum requirements of £1000.00 per month plus travel expenses. The second six months practising period is also guaranteed at a minimum of £1000.00 per month either by way of an award or guaranteed receipts. Basically, as a pupil you will receive no less than £1000.00 each month. This means that chambers will make up any difference between what the pupil has billed and what chambers actually received to ensure the minimum award of £1000.00 is achieved.

We also welcome applications for pupillage from established practitioners and other applicants who have dispensation from the BSB with a requirement to undertake a shorter period of pupillage.

We recruit our pupils based on those whom we consider to have a realistic prospect of achieving tenancy with Chambers.

Kenworthy's Chambers is part of the Bar Council Pupillage Gateway and all applications for a 12 month pupillage must be made via the Pupillage Gateway Website.

Full details of any vacancies and awards will be published on the Pupillage Gateway and duplicated in the Pupillage and Awards Handbook. The timetable of which we follow is the same as the Gateway, this way all applications are considered together.

Please see our full pupillage policy here.


When you arrive in Chambers you will be given an induction by the Practice Manager and chambers administrator, introducing you to chamber's policies and procedures.

Pupils will spend the first three months with their pupil supervisor. Frequent visits to courts and tribunals, sitting in on conferences, legal research and the drafting of statements of case and opinions, assist with preparing talks and seminars and may be required to take noting briefs are the main features of a pupillage at Kenworthy's. At the end of the three months your supervisor will conduct a formal assessment of the work you have done. This will include looking at the feedback of other practitioners, the structure and development of your pupillage and the requirements of the Bar Council checklists.

During three to six month period, pupils will also be asked to spend more time with other members of chambers and once they know way around they can approach practitioners directly and ask them for work, they will also observe junior tenants to gain an insight and preparation for the work they will receive in their second six months.

Once the second six months of pupillage begins, pupils can expect to appear frequently in court and may receive some paperwork instructions in their own name. They are encouraged to gain experience to a cross- section of work and to experience a range of practising styles. All second- six pupils will be expected to undertake work in the Magistrates Court and may appear in the Crown Court, County Court, and High Court.


Every step that is taken will be supported by your pupil supervisor, members of chambers and our clerking team. Each pupillage is closely monitored and the regular meetings are scheduled to discuss and assess progress. Constructive feedback from members is encouraged to assist with the development of your career path.Throughout your pupillage your supervisor will meet with you regularly to discuss allocation of work and the progress of your pupillage. After each piece of work the practitioner must complete an evaluation form. These forms are held by your supervisor and become part of the final assessment for 'tenancy'.

Towards the end of the second six months (usually month 10) consultation about offering the pupil a tenancy takes place with the relevant pupil-supervisor, selection committee, members of chambers and the Practice Manager. The outcome of these assessments is announced prior to the expiry of pupillage and a decision on whether the offer of tenancy is to be made.

In all circumstances Pupil supervisors will write a final report on their pupil to confirm the support to transfer to tenancy.


Please email or alternatively send, in a separate envelope, with your equal opportunities monitoring form Click here

Mr. Chudi Grant
Pupillage Chair,
Kenworthys Chambers,
Arlington House,
Bloom Street,
M3 6AJ


When assessing pupillage application forms we score on the basis of two main criteria

  • Intellectual Ability is assessed in most cases on academic qualifications supported by research, experience or publications which demonstrate knowledge and use of intellect. Our minimum degree requirement is a 2:1 in any subject. Clarity of expression in writing.

  • Dedication category rewards those with demonstrated motivation, commitment and drive. We will look at individuals with significant achievements or experience in other fields, such as winning a national music competition, playing at a national level on a sports field or Director of a company, setting up own business, completing degree whilst undertaking a full time job.

We usually receive around 300 - 500 applications per annum. If an application makes it through two paper sifts the candidate will then be invited for a first round interview. We interview between 20 and 30 candidates in the first round. After this approximately 10-15 candidates will be invited back for a second interview.

Interviews will be conducted by a panel of 3-5 members of the pupillage committee. They are scheduled for approximately 15-20 minutes and focus on a number of set questions.

If appropriate the panel may wish to conduct a second round interview. This will involve a presentation by the candidate and further questions. The topic of presentation will be provided to the candidate at least 72 hours in advance of the interview.

The first round interview questions and presentation topic require no specialist knowledge. We would however expect candidates to have an interest and general understanding of legal matters.

The second round exercise is designed to test your ability to show your communication skills and think on your feet, articulate an argument and demonstrate presentational and persuasive skills.Further questions are designed to assess the individual’s personal qualities such as temperament, sense of humour, client skills, and commitment.



When assessing at face to face interviews we will score on the criteria below:

Ability to analyse and articulate as a lawyer

In particular:
(i) Ability to analyse factual and legal issues in a problem
(ii) Ability to think clearly under pressure
(iii) Ability to absorb information quickly
(iv) Persuasiveness in written and oral expression
(v) Is able to unpick complex arguments
(vi) Does not panic when faced with a deluge of information

In particular:
(i) Commitment to the Bar and a real passion to succeed
(ii) Interested in key areas of law we operate in, across a wide range of practice areas, including public law, civil liberties, human rights, crime, family, commercial, costs, personal injury, police actions, immigration and asylum, social welfare, education, housing, employment, mental health.

In particular:
(i)Ability to remain calm under pressure
(ii)Sensitivity in dealings with others
(v)Common Sense

Appreciation of the Commercial Position of the Bar
In particular:
(i)Commercial awareness of Competition
(ii)Efficiency and delivery of service levels
(iii)Drive and determination
(iv)Good understanding of what is required to build commercial relationships


Kenworthys Chambers periodically has vacancies for third six pupils. When this occurs we will advertise the vacancy on our website and on the Bar Council Website and welcome applications,

Kenworthys Chambers is an equal opportunities employer and complies with the Bar Standards Board's equality and diversity guidelines. We will make reasonable adjustments to accommodate disabled applicants Click here.

To download a copy of our Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form Click here.


We offer mini-pupillages (unassessed) with a view to encouraging interest in a career at the Bar Members of Chambers also get heavily involved in many other activities and invest time in coaching students in mock trials, judging moots and give talks to schools, colleges and universities. We encourage interested students to undertake a mini-pupillage with us to gain an understanding of our ethos, expectations of the role and areas of work.

Kenworthys Chambers is an equal opportunities employer and complies with the Bar Standards Board's equality and diversity guidelines. We will make reasonable adjustments to accommodate disabled applicants Click here.

To download a copy of our Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form Click here.


Ms. Denise Fitzpatrick
Mini Pupillage Application,
Kenworthys Chambers,
Arlington House,
Bloom Street,
M3 6AJ

All members of the interviewing panel have undertaken the selection and recruitment training required by the Bar Standards Board.

Please note, applicants must be aged 18 years and above.