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Quality & Policies


Kenworthy's Chambers is committed to providing legal services of the highest quality to all clients both lay and professional. Chambers specialises in the provision of legal advice and advocacy. A full list of our expertise and services are available on this site.

Chambers is committed to retaining the, the Legal Services Commission's Quality Mark for the Bar and is committed to quality standards being maintained in every aspect of the running of the business.

Our Members are committed to complying with the code of conduct regulations as directed by the Bar Standards Board. Member’s regulatory requirements can be found

Our Staff administer Chambers according to the Practice Management for the Bar Guidelines.

Quality of service provided is regularly monitored by the Chambers' Management Committee and we strive to follow a policy of continual improvement in our services. The review process is carried out October annually by chambers Management Committee.


Chambers preserves the confidentiality of their clients affairs. Barristers are data controllers under the Data Protection Act and must comply with the requirements of the Act in handling data.

Barristers are responsible for the conduct of those who undertake work on their behalf and ensure that clerks and other Chamber's staff are aware of the need to dispose of confidential material securely when it is no longer required. Papers are not left where others can read them and are stored in a way which minimises the risk of unauthorised access.


Kenworthy's Chambers are committed to ethical business practices and to the eradication of bribery, fraud and corruption.

To view our full Bribery policy Click here.


Chambers has made a commitment to Equal Opportunities practice and procedures.

To download a copy of our full Equality Policy please Click here.

Chamber Equal Opportunities and Diversity Officer is currently Bruce Henry.


In line with Bar Standards Board new Equality and Diversity Rules of the Code of Conduct, Kenworthys Chambers have published below a summary of their Diversity Data correct as at November 2020. Click here.

To download a copy of our Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form Click here.

Chambers Data Diversity Officer is currently Sarah Johnson.


Kenworthy's Chambers regard pupillage as an integral part of the growth and development of Chambers and endeavours to offer two pupillages per 12 month period.

We advertise pupillage vacancies through Pupillage Gateway in accordance with the Pupillage Funding & Advertising Requirements and the Equality and Diversity Code for the Bar.

To view our full Pupillage policy click here.