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Direct Access

Direct Public Access allows any individual or organisation to obtain independent, impartial advice and advocacy from an experienced specialist Barrister.

Public Access Barristers at Kenworthy's Chambers practice in Civil, Criminal, Employment, Family, Housing, Immigration, Commercial and Chancery Law.

Kenworthy's Chambers Direct Access Barristers provide legal services such as representation, negotiations on your behalf, correspondence, court forms, drafting and advisory work.

Can you instruct a Barrister directly?

Kenworthy's Chambers have over 30 members qualified to accept Direct Access instructions for appropriate cases and in a range of legal areas.

Consideration will be given to all Direct Access requests, where the Barrister will assess and decide if your case falls within the scope of Public Access instructions.

If your case is unsuitable for Public Access you will be provided with an explanation why, by one of our Barristers or Clerks.

What are the advantages of directly instructing Barristers?

The main advantage of the Public Access scheme is that it could potentially save you money whilst giving you access to the Bar, since you would be paying for a Barrister only, instead of a Barrister and Solicitor.

  • Barristers are experts in the area of law they specialise in and can speed up the litigation process.

  • By instructing a Kenworthy's Barrister direct, you are only paying for one legal expert, not two.

  • Barristers are self-employed and have lower overheads than Solicitors, meaning Kenworthy's Chambers can provide better value for money.

  • You have access to a Specialist Advocate from the first day of your case.

Fees and Additional Costs

The fee for the services will be calculated as agreed between the Barrister (or a clerk on their behalf) and yourself, whether prospectively or retrospectively.

The Barrister may provide the services for a fixed fee, for an agreed hourly rate or on such other basis as may from time to time be agreed.

If an hourly rate is agreed, it will be subject to reasonable periodic review by the Barrister, and in addition may be reviewed by the Barrister to reflect any reasonably significant changes in their status or seniority. Any variation of hourly rates and the date on which it takes effect shall be agreed with you, and in default of agreement the Barrister shall be entitled to treat the agreement as having been terminated.

If no fee or hourly rate is agreed, then the Barrister is entitled to charge a reasonable fee for the services having regard to all relevant circumstances.

The fee for the Barrister's services is exclusive of any applicable value-added tax (or any tax of a similar nature), which shall be added to the fee at the appropriate rate.

Fees may be higher if the client has a more complex case or needs a more experienced barrister.

All our prices are subject to case type, complexity and seniority or experience of the Barrister. Price ranges are based on local courts; other courts will incur a travel charge. Accurate quotes will be provided prior to commencement of the work involved.

How long does it take to instruct a Barrister directly?

How long it takes to instruct a Barrister directly will depend on their availability, your availability and that of relevant third parties. The more complex the case is, the longer it is likely to take. The number of papers needed to review and the need for additional information or documents will impact the amount of time needed. The approach taken by the other side and third parties intervening in the case can also change the length of time the case takes, as will the waiting times for court.

For further information please read Public Access Guidance for lay clients and our Transparency Guidance.


Our Barristers Who Accept Public Access Work

Civil Direct

Criminal Direct

Employment Direct

Family Direct

Housing Direct

Immigration Direct

Commercial & Chancery Direct

Key Stages, Timescales and Pricing for Direct Access

Employment Tribunal Cases

As a general guide an employment claim must be issued within three months of the dismissal/act of discrimination. The Employment Tribunal will hold a preliminary hearing a couple of months after issue and the expectation is that a hearing will be fixed within 12 months. The preliminary hearing will set a timetable for disclosure of documents and the submission of witness statements which will depend on the facts of each case.


Conference (Hourly): £175 - £250 + VAT

Trial Hearings (Less than 5 Days): £1250 - £5000 + VAT

Additional Days: £750 - £1250 + VAT

Pre-Trial Hearings: £750 - £1250 + VAT

Advice & Preparation (Hourly): £175 - £250 + VAT

*These price ranges are indicative fees based on local Tribunals; other Tribunals will incur a travel charge.

Please contact our Employment Clerk, Tom Harrington (, for further information.

Financial Disputes arising out of Divorce

If you are unable to agree on financial matters with your ex such as maintenance payments, the division of assets, selling your home, or pension sharing, Kenworthy's Barristers can advise you. You can apply to a court for a financial order and have our Family Law Barristers represent you in court hearings. Court hearings for financial orders take an average of 6 - 12 months when there are no appeals. This will vary according to the value and complexity of assets, if there are children to consider, Barristers' availability, and the oppositions approach.


Conferences: £250 - £750 + VAT

Directions/Review Hearings: £500 - £1000 + VAT

FDA Hearings: £500 - £1000 + VAT

FDR Hearings: £1000 - £2500 + VAT

Full day hearings: £1000 - £3000 + VAT

Refreshers: £750 - £1500 + VAT

Half day hearings: £750 - £1500 + VAT

Advice & Preparation (Hourly): £150 - £250 + VAT

Please contact our Senior Family Clerk, Courtney Soden (, for more information.

Immigration Appeals

If you are looking to challenge an immigration decision Kenworthy's Barristers can advise you. Our Immigration Barristers can provide advice and preparation for hearings and represent you at hearings. Decisions from the Home Office must be appealed within 14 days if you are in the UK, and within 28 days if you are abroad. Immigration appeals vary in length according to the complexity of the case, the need for additional documents and Barristers' availability.


Advice & Preparation: £175 - £275 + VAT

Conferences: £250 - £500 + VAT

*First Tier Immigration Hearings: £500 - £750 + VAT

*Bail Hearings: £350 - £500 + VAT

Upper Tribunal Hearings - £500 - £1000 + VAT

*These price ranges for hearings at Manchester IAC, other courts will incur a travel charge.

Please contact our Senior Immigration Clerk, Courtney Soden (, for more information

Inheritance Act Advice

All claims under The Inheritance Act (1975) must be made within six months of the grant of probate. Claims can be made by former spouses, cohabitants, spouses, children, and dependants whenever a person has passed away without leaving sufficient funds for your continued wellbeing. Kenworthy's Barristers can advise if you are able to make a claim under the Inheritance Act. The time the claim takes is dependent on the value and complexity of the deceased's estate, the needs of all the beneficiaries and the availability of the Barrister.


Conference (Hourly): £200 - £400 + VAT

Small Claims: £500 - £1,200 + VAT

Fast Track Trial: £1250 - £3,000 + VAT

Multi Track (Day One): £2,500 - £7,500 + VAT (Additional Days): £1,000 - £3,000 + VAT

Advice & Preparation (Hourly): £200 - £300 + VAT

Please contact our Senior Commercial Clerk, Mike Jones (, for more information.

Licensing Applications in relation to business premises heard in the magistrates' courts

Licensing appeals usually involve a short hearing followed by an appeal hearing. Local authority licensing committees set the hearing dates in advance. When applications to local authorities are refused, appeals must be made to the magistrates' court within 21 days. Licensing applications vary in length according to how complex the application is, whether additional documents are needed and dependant on Barrister's availability.


Small Claims: £500 - £1,200 + VAT

Fast Track Trial: £750 - £3,000 + VAT

Multi Track (Day One): £2,500 - £7,500 + VAT (Additional Days): £1,000 - £3,000 + VAT

Please contact our Senior Civil Clerk, Paul Mander (, for further information.

Summary Only Motoring Offences (advice and representation for defendants)

With magistrates' cases, once a summons to court containing the first hearing date has been received it typically takes 1 - 6 months for the main hearing to take place. Kenworthy's usually offer a conference before either the main hearing or the first hearing. If you have got a court date, certain preparatory work might be required. Once Kenworthy's knows all your legal requirements, and the circumstances of your case, we can advise how long it might last.



Advice & Preparation (Hourly Rate): £75 to £200 + VAT

Court Attendance (Day Rate): £300 to £1000 + VAT

Conferences (Hourly Rate): £100 to £125 + VAT

Crown Court

Advice & Preparation (Hourly Rate): £100 to £250 + VAT

Trial Attendance (Day 1): £1000 to £4000 (Additional days) £500 to £1500 + VAT

Conferences (Hourly Rate): £125 to £250 + VAT

Pre-Trial & Post-Trial hearings: £300 to £1000 + VAT

Court of Appeal & High Court

Advice & Preparation (Hourly Rate): £150 to 300 + VAT

Court Attendances (Day Rate): £1000 to £4000 + VAT

Conferences (Hourly Rate): £125 to 250 + VAT

Please contact our Senior Criminal Clerk, Paul Mander (, for more information.


If Kenworthy's Chambers do not provide the legal services you require, we recommend checking providers such as Chambers and Partners, the Legal 500, Juriosity and the Bar Council's Direct Access Portal.



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