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Haroon Rashid

  • Year of call: 1999



Haroon has a specialist practice focused on serious injury, clinical negligence, and industrial disease. He is determined, approachable and highly regarded for his attention to detail, skilful cross-examination, and eloquently persuasive submissions.

Haroon deals with professional negligence claims, including under-settling of serious injury cases and claims for missed deadlines under the Furlough Scheme (Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme).

Haroon has extensive experience in the field of personal injury work, acting for both Claimants and Defendants in all types of personal injury cases in all parts of the country.

He regularly lectures and provides in-house training on serious injury work and clinical negligence work.

Reported Cases

Personal Injury:

• Z v A (2015)
Fatal Accident. Deceased, university graduate, pedestrian, run over by a refuse disposal vehicle. Liability now admitted. Dependency claims.

• M v Y (2012)
Fatal accident, Belgium, Defendant Belgian national, uninsured. Dependency claims for wife and children.

• A v N (2008)
Fatal accident. Complex liability issues between multiple Defendants. Deceased had no qualification and had been unemployed for 3 years at the time of the accident. Dependency claims. Negotiated settlement at JSM £350,000.

• W v W (2014)
Serious RTA resulting in multiple injuries. Claimant son of Afghan Army General, studying MA after completing Law degree. Intended to return to Afghanistan and take up employment under the US led Civilian Technical Assistance Program (CTAP). Negotiated settlement at JSM £250,000.

• S v M (2015)
PHD student in RTA whilst cycling to work. Serious foot injuries (Lisfranc fracture dislocation to the right foot with dislocation of the tarsometatarsal joints, fractures of the medial cuneiform, lateral cuneiform, cuboid and fourth metatarsal base.) Ambition was to become a senior lecturer. Severe psychological reaction to physical disabilities. Now working as a research assistant. Total claim over ½ a million. JSM in September 2015.

• H v S (2015)
Employers liability, lack of record keeping, lack of training, serious hand injuries, amputation of fingers, complex schedule of loss.

• K v A (2010)
Claimant sustained a serious burst fracture of the L4 vertebra. University Student intended to join west Midlands Police Force and progress under the accelerated promotion scheme. Complex schedule of loss involving significant future loss of earnings and future costs of care. Negotiated settlement of £350,000 at JSM.

• B v G (2008)
Serious lower back injury, pre-existing medical history, complex care claim, serious credibility allegations, difficulties with medical evidence, previous solicitors advised the Claimant to accept £750 for general damages. Carefully dissected and dealt with the numerous issues eventually negotiating settlement at £84,000.

• A v F (2008)
RTA - Brain Injury - cognitive deficit - loss of chance to study for a degree and progress career. Complex future loss of earnings claim. Dealing with DVD surveillance evidence. Negotiated settlement at £180,000.

• N v M (2010)
Significant hire claim, complex issues, multiple appeals eventually reaching the High Court. £72,000 recovered for hire charges.

Industrial Disease:

• D v T (2014)
Noise induced hearing loss claim, despite pre-action requests for disclosure of relevant documents, disclosure of noise assessments and other important documents after multi-track directions. Action discontinued. Successfully argued Defendant should pay the Claimant's costs of the action.

Clinical Negligence:

• I v N (2015)
Deceased suffered chest pains, paramedic attended, ECG, dismissed as ‘panic attack', left at home, died within hours. Positive liability report from Consultant Cardiologist. Deceased, businessman, leaving wife and five children - dependency claims. Considering leading counsel.

• IG (2014)
Child delivered by way of caesarean section after failed instrumental delivery. Born with massive head injuries. Died after 2 days. Five to seven attempts with ventouse suction cup, incorrect application, too much force. Several attempts with forceps with incorrect positioning.


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